The experience of Spanish students at the International dinner

22 Mar 2021

At Hemingway’s Institute they don’t only teach Spanish, they also make a bunch of activities for sharing between friends and meeting new people from all around the world.

In those activities there is the “international dinner” it’s a dinner between friends but everyone is going to bring traditional food from their country to share with other students in the same institute after classes.

There were students from Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Spain. The food that was covering the table was from different flavors and ingredients.

We were able to taste empanadas, tequenos, and arepas Venezuelan made, filled with meat of cheese; another plate was pasta with tomatoes, tuna and mozzarella made by an Italian; Mexican tortillas with rice and vegetables all cooked according to grandma’s recipe which are always the best. Besides we ate a Belgian plate made with smashed potatoes, onion, and leek with a vegetarian meat sausage on top, the original recipe is with average meat but we didn’t find the difference and it was delicious. There were also desserts, a caramelized Brazilian apple cake and strawberries with cream from France and for complementing all the plates, a red wine presented by the Institute.

Somebody could think that so many people together, with different cultures, sitting in a single table would be almost impossible but this wasn’t the case because there’s no better way to know the secrets and traditions from other countries. During the whole time there wasn’t a moment of silence besides when you start listening to fun stories from cities around the world that you have to see, it’s like for a few seconds you are truly visiting the place. But the fundamental question is, Who wouldn’t like to eat something new from another corner of the globe? That means having the opportunity to say “I ate Venezuelan” even when you never visited that country.

When you are with people you don’t know that like you have taken the decision to go abroad, the first question that comes up is, Why are you here? So in the beginning we talked about it and listen to people’s stories that are sharing with us this gastronomic afternoon. Some were in the city due to studies, others making volunteer work teaching English to kids and also people that came here as Au Pair. After we talked about the city’s most interesting places and spots some on the discovered that were good advices.

Later the conversation was focus on talking about the prettiest cities of our own countries like for example the person from Brazil told us he liked it more the coast zone than the interior. Our Italian mate shared that she liked it more to go to south Italy and Islands like Cerdeña. We also learned that in Venezuela people eat empanadas as breakfast or dinner with tartar sauce.In brief, it was an absolutely fun experience once all started to gain trust with each other and the stores were starting to become more fun and interesting.

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