Activities this August for our students at Instituto Hemingway

29 Jul 2021

July is wrapping up, and we are entering into August. There are an array of exciting activities planned for

our students, providing them with the opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish culture and really

experience life in Bilbao.

To kick off the month, we will be enjoying some ice cream on Monday 2 at 4:30pm at one of Bilbao’s

local ice cream parlors. You will be able to choose from various flavors in your choice of either a cup or a

cucurucho (an ice cream cone).

On Wednesday 4 we are going to the Museo Vasco at approximately 5pm. There you will be able to see

and admire the beautiful architecture and artwork that Museo Vasco has to offer. To finish the week,

you will be able to participate in our wine sampling event Cata de Vinos at 7pm, where you can try a

variety of wines.

The following week also has many fun events in store. Monday 9 at 3pm we will be going bowling at one

of the bowling alleys near Bilbao. In honor of the Olympic Games, we are going to have a Día Olímpico

on Wednesday 11 from 3pm – 7pm. On this day, we will play different exciting games, so be prepared to

be up and active! After such an eventful week, you are invited to enjoy tortillas with the Instituto Friday

13 at 7pm at the Plaza Nueva.

Monday 16 offers our students the chance to visit the notorious Guggenheim Museum at 5pm.

However, an event is just not the same without food! So, let’s try some bocatas de jamón ibérico, on

Wednesday 18 at 5:30pm! Finally, our students will have a tour of Casco Viejo on Friday 20 at 4pm to

view this beautiful part of the city.

A part of the any culture is the food. On Monday 23 at 7pm, our students will relish pintxos, a very

popular finger food of the Basque Country. As we progress through the week, we have organized

another wine tasting event for our students to sample the wonderful wines of Spain on Wednesday 25

at 7pm. Now Friday 27 is inviting us into the weekend, which is perfect for our bike ride through the city

at 4:15. On this day, our students can ride through the picturesque streets of Bilbao.

To end this exciting month, our students will be visiting Puerto Viejo, an antique zone of the city, on

Monday 30 at 4pm.

We look forward to spending time with our amazing students during these events as they become more

and more immersed in the Spanish culture.

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