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19 Sep 2021

Bilbao is a beautiful city!!

Wonderful beaches, rich culture, food paradise, amazing night life, beautiful parks, ancient churches, most scenic architecture and monuments.

We are an Instituto Cervantes Accredited school! This means the highest quality on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

When would you like to start?

Octobers arrives with an invigorating and exciting back to school vibe and here at Instituto Hemingway, we'll be welcoming cheerful, enthusiastic, smiling international students back after the summer vacations. The thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore a new culture flows throughout the school hallways.

This is a month for a fresh new start, a month to seek out and poursuit new goals and resolutions.

For a life changing experience, now is the time to start your Spanish adventure

Bilbao Top Spanish School

Programs from 3 to 30 hours per week

Small groups, max 12 students

Instituto Cervantes accredited

Enjoy a total immersion experience

Accredited COVID-19 preventative measures

Start any Monday

Cultural activites every week!!!

Learn Spanish in the morning and then go to discover Bilbao with our guides!!

Activities everyday! All of them are free!

How do we avoid the Covid Transmission?

We implemented all the recommended best practices to prevent COVID transmission at our classes and activities and built the biggest ventilated classrooms in Bilbao!

All our staff and 90% of our students are now fully vaccinated, which helps us to stop the COVID transmission! Get fully vaccinated to protect yourself and the others!!!

Come and visit our school! We're ideally located, right in the CENTER of Bilbao, just 5 minutes´ walk from Gran VIa or Casco Viejo.

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