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28 Nov 2021

Few schools in Spain can say they have a lawyer as an integral part of their team. Since 1999, Alfredo Orive, a lawyer who has specialized in student and work visas, has worked with our school. Amongst his many roles in the company, which he undertakes for free for both present and future Instituto Hemingway students, he assesses, helps with and processes visa applications, keeping tabs on the state of your application, making appeals if necessary, and congratulating the student upon completing the whole process. For our lawyer, seeing how happy our students are after he’s helped them extend their stay in Spain is the greatest reward for his work.

Apart from his diligence and legal knowledge, Mr Alfredo Orive can boast some unbeatable personal qualities: he is welcoming, patient, gentlemanly and always has an optimistic spirit that shines through for all to see, ensuring the student leaves their meeting with him with a smile on their face and pleased to have gotten in contact.

Aside from being an official DELE Exam Centre, the Instituto Hemingway is an ideal place for getting Spanish citizenship through the completion of the CCSE and DELE A2 exams (when necessary). Furthermore, our lawyer Alfredo Orive is there by our students’ sides throughout the exam preparation process, offering classes to help them get ready for the exam and overcome any nerves they may have.

Do you need a student visa but don’t know the steps you need to take? Want to help a family member, partner or friend move to your city in Spain but aren’t sure about the complex process? Or better still, are you already living in Spain and want to renew your student visa or get a student or work visa, which is always a tedious process? Our lawyer always has a bullseye response to your request and is always here to steady our students’ nerves about the process. He can help you in person or online, via email or WhatsApp.

Alfredo Orive has 23 years of experience as a lawyer, financial expert and doctorate studies in business management. His true passions are enology and the countryside. He speaks English and can get by in French. Having him as part of the team is a treasure for any company, and as for our students who he helps get their visa, the best way to show their thanks is with a bottle of wine!

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