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September 01, 2024

September activities are here!

The activities programme for our Spanish students is here!

Wine tasting on Thursday the 1st and Wednesday the 14th of September at 19:00, this is one of our activities where students get together with our wine teacher, Alfredo. A good selection of Spanish wines and something typically Spanish to eat, perfect to get to know more about the country.

Monday the 5th of September at 17:00 there will be a walk to Casco Viejo for ice cream and a chat in the centre of Bilbao, what is better than taking advantage of the marvellous mediterranean climate, practising Spanish and with an ice cream.

Tuesday the 6th of September at 11:30 there will be an excursion to catch the train where we will see the surrounding areas of Bilbao, which shows a more rural side to the Basque Country. This day is a holiday in Spain but we offer this excursion to take advantage of the day.

Monday the 12th of September at 16:30 we will have a sports day, we will offer a variety of physical activities for our students whether you are in shape or not! This will be an opportunity to do sports if you spent the last year saying you'll go to the gym and then never going to take part in a range of fun activities.

Monday the 19th of September at 16:30 we will visit the Guggenheim museum and here we will see a large quantity of art, both modern and classic, with a great repertoire of artistic works.

Thursday the 22nd of September at 16:30 we will go together to try some tortilla pintxos in Plaza Nueva, where they have a great variety of tortillas for us to try.

Monday the 26th of September at 16:30 we offer a visit to the Bellas Artes museum of Bilbao. To this day, it is one of the main museums of the country. We will encounter different forms of art as we go through the ages.

Wednesday the 28th of September at 17:00 we will go to the Artxanda viewpoint where we will be able to see all of Bilbao, riding on the funicular.

And as usual, on Fridays at 19:00 we will eat pintxos or paella and enjoy speaking Spanish together. This is the perfect chance to socialise with other classmates that, like you, are learning Spanish.

We hope to give our students the opportunity to practice their Spanish and learn about the customs and traditions of our beautiful city through these free activities in September.

If you want to participate in any of these activities, don't hesitate to contact us or write your name in our contact form and become part of our school.

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