Spanish courses in Bilbao, a city to learn a global language

20 Sep 2022

In recent years, Spanish has positioned itself as the second most important language at an international level. This comes at no surprise as there are 580 million speakers, of which 483 million are native speakers. In addition to this, a 2019 survey by Instituto Cervantes revealed that there are 22 million people studying it in 110 countries.

The success of Spanish is not necessarily due to people wanting to learn it in their free time, as the majority of people want to study, work or live in a Spanish speaking country. It seems that sometimes the "hispanosphere" forget how big this is. There are 23 countries in which Spanish is the official language and in addition to this, one of these countries neighbours the USA, which in recent decades has become more tolerant of the language and culture influences due to immigration. Now, in a new century and in a second decade, Americans are seeing the language in a new way and in the areas which border Mexico it has become common to hear.

But is Spanish also present when we cross the Pacific?

China is betting on Spanish as it is estimated that in Latin America it makes up 30% of forein investment of the Asian giant. For this reason, the country's strategy is that future generations can dominate this language and continue its expansion and good relation with the hispanic world.

Spanish is not only seen in this country, nations like the USA, Canada, France or Italy value it when workers know the Spanish language. On some occasions, there are job positions where it is a key factor.

For this reason, we invite people that are interested in taking a Spanish course in Bilbao to do it in our school. Instituto Hemingway, has been teaching classes since 1999 to people of all nationalities. We try to teach our students Spanish from the very first moment so that they are able to communicate in their own environment.

If you are interested in our Spanish classes in Bilbao, don't hesitate to write to us and book your course!

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