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October 24, 2024

Wine tasting for our Spanish course students in Bilbao, Wednesday the 26th of October 2022

Next Wednesday, the 26th of October 2022 at 19:00 we have a sparkling wine tasting scheduled for all our Spanish students, everyone is invited - teachers and friends.

On this occasion we are going to taste cavas of Lucentum Brut, Chardonnay and Freixenet Prosecco. We are going to try two different cavas - Brut and extra-brut.

We are going to learn how they are tasted and what they acommpany well, and how the flavours of cava differ due to different production methods.

These are the cavas we are going to try:


This cava has been produced in a traditional way, through a second fermentation that has taken place in the bottle. Coming from a selection of the best cooperative wines located in Requena. It has a yellow colour with a greenish tint. Bright and with an abundance of small bubbles. Good aromatic intensity. Clean, fresh and fruity. On the lips it is silky, lively and balanced. This cava is appropriate to accompany all types of food.

Freixenet Prosecco extra dry

Freixenet Prosecco is produced with the best Glera grapes from the Italian region of Veneto. Freixenet extends its extensive experience and prestige to Prosecco, uniting superior quality with spectacular beauty. A fruity, fresh and seductive sparkling wine, with natural sugars.

Cava Jaume Serra Chardonnay Brut

This cava has been produced with a selection of the best Chardonnay wines, following a traditional method, keeping the cavas at a low temperature in order to get a fine and persistent bubble that is slowly released. It has a golden, shiny and steely yellow colour. Fruity aroma with nuances of apple and banana, elegant and fine with notes of aging. A balanced and smooth taste with a fresh finish.

Come and have a good time with us

If you are passionate about wine and Spanish, this is the perfect occasion to get to know our school and other students that are in Bilbao. We offer these cultural activities to all our students free of charge and it is included in our Spanish courses in Bilbao.

We hope to see you there!

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