FREE WORKSHOP: How to implement active vocabulary learning in the ELE class

26 Oct 2022

Instituto Hemingway returns with this interesting free workshop after the complications of the last few years. We are glad to have Gabriel Neil González, who is an educational advisor from the EDINUMEN editorial, has a degree in English Philosophy at the University of Alcalá and has a masters degree in Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of ELE from the University of Jaén, among other titles.

He is going to present us with an interesting topic: How to implement active vocabulary learning in the ELE class.

He summarizes it himself by saying:

class and the vocabulary that our students learn doesn't fully correspond with the real use of this language in its speakers communities. This fact creates misunderstandings, frustrations and rejection when the student has to use the language they have learned, either receptively or productively. To avoid this problem, it is of vital importance to select materials and suitable and attractive tools, that allow our students to understand and use the language effectively.>

This workshop will take place:

DATE: 17/11/2022

TIME: FROM 14:00 TO 15:00 (1 HOUR)


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