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January 02, 2024

The cultural activities of January for the students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao 2023

The year 2022 already leaves us some activities prepared for this beginning of the year. We are looking forward to meeting the new challenges, new people and adventures that bring us this year. Therefore, here we bring you the activities of January that are included in the Spanish courses in our school in Bilbao.

On Monday, January 2, we took advantage of the last days of the skating rink with ecological ice that the city of Bilbao puts in El Arenal. It is so successful that it is always full. It is very special when you skate when the night already covers the city.

On Tuesday, January 3, we continue toasting with Alfredo and his first wine tasting of the year. What new wines will bring us? This activity is the best way to get to know the immense world of wines and enjoy Spain in another way.

On Wednesday 11 we will visit the Museum of Fine Arts that has already begun its works to expand and be able to house more art. Norman Foster’s design is the one who will have the honor of putting his name back on the streets of the city.

On Monday 16 we will get lost in the streets of the Old Town to know its mysteries, its secrets and some curiosities, these streets have so much to tell our students!

On the 26th we will visit one of the cathedrals of the city, it is not necessarily the one of the Plaza de Santiago but we speak of San Mamés. Students will visit the lion’s house and its spectacular museum where its walls and corridors tell the story of this century-old club.

On Monday the 30th we resume our Iberian ham sandwiches that we usually eat in the old town near Plaza Nueva. In this magical place called “De Bellota” they have extensive experience with Iberian products and bet on quality.

These and more activities are organized by the Instituto Hemingway for its students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao. We love that the students can participate in school and improve their Spanish with experiences and adventures.


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