The students of the Spanish courses are going to Flamenco!

17 May 2023

¡The students of the Spanish courses are going to Flamenco!

You are invited to a night of flamenco!

Instituto Hemingway is a Spanish language school in Bilbao that has many activities for students and in June we bring you flamenco!

What is flamenco? Flamenco is a Spanish art form typical of Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, composed of 3 elements: singing, dancing and music. The history of flamenco dates back to the 17th century and is said to have originated in the western part of Andalusia.

It is a choreographic reflection on the creative diversity in Flamenco and Dance. A meeting to understand, share, transform and celebrate yearnings and concerns together. Three dances, one language and the same journey through the senses, the body, the singing and the guitar.

On Friday June 9th from 20:00h we will go to the Sala BBK to enjoy flamenco. We will all meet at the Instituto Hemingway at 19:30.

You can sign up for this activity at the school. It will be posted on the wall. The last day you can sign up will be Tuesday June 6th.

This activity is free for all students of the Spanish courses.

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