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December 04, 2024

Cata de cava y turrón

We’re back tomorrow with one of Hemingway’s classics, with a slight variation. As Christmas is getting closer and closer, here at Instituto Hemingway we thought we would organsise a Cata de cava and turrón.

Everyone knows our Cata de Vino, in which our colleague Alfredo becomes a sommelier and our students are invited to try local wines and taste some delicious basque specialties. For December we thought we could do the same thing, but switch it up a little bit while we’re all waiting for christmas.

In this activity, you will be able to taste some delicious sparkling wine, try some amazing turrón and learn new vocabulary in Spanish.

Turrón is a Spanish nougat confection, typically made with honey, sugar and egg white with toasted almonds and nuts, and usually shaped into a rectangular shape. Turrón is usually eaten as a dessert food around Spain (and other European countries including Italy and Portugal).

Turrón itself can take on a variety of consistencies and appearances, however, they traditionally consisted of the same ingredients; the final product may be either hard and crunchy, or soft and chewy, come and discover which one you like the most!

Our students know our Cata de Vino nights are probably some of the most fun activities we offer. It is a great opportunity to eat some nice food, try some amazing wine, practice your Spanish and hangout with other students in the school. Some of the school staff or teachers might join too!

All the students and volunteers from our school are invited to participate, please just write down your name on the whiteboard by our school reception. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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