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  • Pintxos Evening05.24.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pool 05.27.2024
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Visit to the Guggenheim museum05.29.2024
    h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos Evening05.31.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
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January 02, 2024

The dates for the January 2024 activities at the Instituto Hemingway are here!

As we enter the new year 2024, Instituto Hemingway invites you to take part in a fascinating journey through the vibrant city of Bilbao. January promises to be a month of cultural enrichment, exciting activities and the opportunity to learn Spanish in a unique and, of course, very much our own way. Join us at Instituto Hemingway to immerse yourself in the varied tapestry of offerings that Bilbao has to offer.

Gastronomic activity: Tortilla de patata - 02/01/23

On Tuesday the 2nd of January at 16:00 we kick off with one of our classic gastronomic activities - going to try the famous tortilla de patata or "Spanish omelette". The history of this preparation goes back centuries, with records of its preparation dating back to 1767. Today the potato omelette is recognised as one of the most typical dishes in Spanish cuisine, as well as being very versatile as a food. The potato omelette also has a variety of alternative forms that can include meat, fish, or even mushrooms, so don't hesitate to sign up for this meal, you won't regret it!

Excursion to the Museum of Fine Arts - 03/01/24

We continue with a cultural feast at the Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday 3 January. This museum, with its rich collection, will immerse you in the history of art, from classical masterpieces to contemporary artistic expressions. It is a unique opportunity to connect with the cultural essence of Bilbao, where every brushstroke tells a story. For this activity we meet here at the Instituto Hemingway as usual, this day at 16:00.

Churros with chocolate - 08/01/24

To start the second week of the month off right, let's warm up with some churros with chocolate. On Monday 08 at 17:00 we meet at the school to go to a renowned place here in Bilbao, where you can have some of the tastiest churros in the whole of Euskadi, accompanied by the typical cup of hot chocolate to dip the churros and give them that unique sweetness.

Night of fun at Rockade Bilbao - 09/01/24

For those looking for a vibrant experience, join us for a night out at the Rockade arcade bar on Tuesday 9th January, at 19:00 (meeting point at Instituto). We'll play some arcade games, drink something refreshing, and share memories with our friends from Hemingway. Don't miss out!

Flamenco show + Paella 11 and 12/01/24

On Thursday 11th we are going to see a flamenco show with flamenco singer Inma La Carbonera and guitarist Antonia Jiménez. For all those who like this vibrant aspect of Andalusian culture, it will be an activity you won't want to miss. The following day, 12th January, the experience will be enriched by a delicious paella, as we will be dining on this Valencian delicacy instead of having our usual pinxtos night, creating a unique fusion of architectural history and culinary richness. Two days full of discoveries and authentic flavours.

The times for these activities are 19:15 for the flamenco show, and 20:00 for the paella night, both with the meeting point here at the Instituto Hemingway as usual.

Iberian Ham Sandwiches - 17/01/24

On Wednesday 17th January we take our Spanish students to try some of the famous Jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham), known worldwide as one of the jewels in Spain's culinary crown. On this day we will be going to a trusted local restaurant in the Casco Viejo to sit and chat while we eat, immersing ourselves in Spanish gastronomy. As always we meet at the Instituto Hemingway, this time at 14:00, after the morning classes.

Light Show in Artxanda - 18/01/24

On Thursday 18th January, we invite you to enjoy a magical light show in Artxanda. This event, which will light up Bilbao's night sky, is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the city. With Instituto Hemingway, experience the magic of Bilbao under the stars. Meeting time at 18:00 here at the Institute - reservation with the school mandatory before the day of the activity.

Visit to Itsasmuseoa (Maritime Museum of Bilbao) - 23/01/24

Immerse yourself in Bilbao's rich maritime history with a visit to Itsasmuseoa on Tuesday 23rd January at 17:00. Explore the deep connection the city has with the sea, discover the stories of sailors and seafarers, and experience the naval heritage that has shaped Bilbao over the years.

Fun at the Bowling Alley - 24/01/24

On Wednesday 24th January, fun is guaranteed at our bowling activity. Join us for an afternoon of laughter, friendly competition and connection building while enjoying an exciting game of bowling. A perfect opportunity to relax and socialise with other Spanish students. Meeting point here in Instituto Hemingway and time at 16:00. See you there!

Exploring the Guggenheim Museum - 25/01/24

We end the month on a high note on 25 January, exploring the iconic Guggenheim Museum. Immerse yourself in the fascinating contemporary art exhibits and admire the avant-garde architecture of this iconic landmark. An experience that fuses the artistic avant-garde with Bilbao's cultural history. To come with us, come to Instituto Hemingway by 16:00. Don't be late!

Wine Tasting - 30/01/24

Sharpen your senses at the first event of this type in 2024: a wine tasting on Tuesday 30 January at 19:00. Learn about the nuances of the best wines while immersing yourself in a unique sensory experience. At this event, wine culture is intertwined with the opportunity to perfect your Spanish in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

All of this is in store for you this month if you are a student with the Instituto Hemingway, without forgetting the usual pintxo nights that we organise every Friday, with the exception of Friday the 12th when we will be having a paella night, always with the meeting point at the Instituto Hemingway at 20:00.

Instituto Hemingway offers you the unique opportunity to learn Spanish while exploring Bilbao and immersing yourself in its vibrant culture. Register now and make January a month of unforgettable adventures, learning and fun with us. Instituto Hemingway: where adventure meets the Spanish language!

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