Instituto Hemingway visits the Arriaga theatre to see Opera, Dance, theatre and Flamenco.

24 Sep 2007

All students taking Spanish classes have the opportunity to participate in the cultural activities that are offered by Bilbao`s Arriaga theatre. Instituto Hemingway offers multiple cultural activities which allow students to enjoy the culture offered by this theatre as a complement to their Spanish classes.
The programme for this autumn is excellent with Spanish dancing, opera and flamenco. All the students at Instituto Hemingway can participate in the activities and the entrance price is usually free or half the normal price.
The programme is as follows:
5th, 9th and 19th of October we will listen to the Orfeo, Porgy and Bess y Motezuma operas.
12th November we will attend the “Orquesta Barroca de Friburgo”
13th November we will have the exceptional opportunity to learn about the origins of Flamenco with Tomatito.
December will be dedicated to dance with the Spanish National Ballet on the 6th December and the dance company “Victor Ullate” on the 20th December.
At Instituto Hemingway we believe that participating in cultural activities is a fantastic complement to Spanish classes and a way to get to know the culture and social life of Bilbao. In order to achieve this, every day we organise free activities after the Spanish classes so that students can visit the city’s main attractions.

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