Flamenco and students of Spanish in Bilbao

13 Nov 2007

Students studying Spanish in the Spanish language school in Bilbao participated in the week of flamenco called “flamenco encounters”. The programme had the collaboration of Bilbao´s town hall and the participation of students on Spanish courses in Bilbao. We were also joined by students from San Sebastian, Vitoria y Santander.
There were 2 flamenco events; the first was led by the dance company “Jaleo” which delighted us with their “bulerías”, “soleas”, “tientos” and “alegrías” (songs from Andalusia). The second event was by the singer Miguel Poveda and the guitarist Chicuelo.
Here are some of the opinions from students on the Spanish courses which show how this artistic expression is seen through different peoples´ eyes.

"The flamenco performance was incredible! They sang and danced with so much emotion, it was exhilarating and captivating."
Ben (USA)

"I really enjoyed seeing the Flamenco programme. It takes so much talent and skill to be able to dance and play music and sing sometimes simultaneously between a group of 6 people or less. There are many different types of Flamenco, but all of it is a masterpiece of artistic expression."
Emily (USA)

"On the 19th October I went to Bilbo Rock with some students, a teacher from Instituto Hemingway and my boyfriend to see a Flamenco concert. There were 2 dancers, 2 guitarists and 2 singers, Sometimes there was singing and dancing, other times there was just singing. It was great! One dancer was wearing a very beautiful outfit. I loved watching the flamenco! I also really liked the clothes they wore.
On the 25th October, I returned to Bilbo Rock with some students and 2 teachers from Instituto Hemingway, to see a flamenco concert. There was a singer, 2 guitarists and 2 people clapping. It was the first time that I had seen a Flamenco concert without dancers but I was enchanted by the fantastic performance and singing. It was brilliant and I want to see Flamenco again!"
Kanako (Japan)

"I went to a flamenco concert with my classmates and teachers. This time we did not see dancing but singing. We really like it because the singer was very professional and famous: Miguel Poveda. His voice was very pleasant and the flamenco music was passionate."
Hui Qui (China)

"When I went to the Flamenco concert and saw 4 men with 1 guitar I was surprised. This wasn´t what I expected because when I thought of Flamenco, I thought of a style of dance. But it was incredible! Miguel Poveda´s talent was really impressive. I loved the emotion in his voice when he sang and the fact that his only accompaniments were two men clapping."
Nikki (England)

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