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  • Walking route by cliffs06.13.2024
  • Pintxos Evening06.14.2024
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  • Cata de vinos06.17.2024
  • Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao06.19.2024
  • Pintxos Evening06.21.2024
  • Boat trip along Bilbao river06.24.2024
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June 16, 2024

Cuisine and Gastronomy in Bilbao: Pintxos, Tapas and Wines

At Instituto Hemingway, we think that the best way to learn a language is to also learn about the culture that surrounds us. That is why we encourage our students of Spanish to get to know the cuisine of our region and take advantage of the restaurants and bars that offer meats and fishes cooked the traditional way. If Bilbao is known for something, that is definitely for the quality and the variety of its cuisine.

On every Friday throughout the year, we meet at Instituto Hemingway at 8:00pm so all of the students and teachers who wish to join us can come for a singular “Tapas” route around “Casco Viejo,” the old part of the town. Although we vary our route, there are some places that are essential: the bar “Zuga” and the “Café Bilbao” at Plaza Nueva, the bar “Sabigain” at 7 Calles, the bar “Rio-Oja” on Calle del Perro, and the Wine Museum on the traditional Calle Ledesma.

This weekly route helps us to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment and to sample delicious “Pintxos” and “Tapas,” and also to encourage many students to learn how to cook exquisite and simple recipes or simply to encourage them to try rich dishes such as the “bacalao al pil pil” (codfish), “marmitako,” “purrusalda,” and “merluza a la vasca” (hake fish).

Once you come to our Spanish school in Bilbao, you will have the opportunity to discover a new language as well as a new culture. The school gives you the opportunity to visit many museums and will help you discover many splendid places, but above all, once you come to Bilbao you will have the opportunity to know the Spanish gastronomy. Spain is known for its dances and music, but above all, for its typical dishes that keep satisfying those all-time passionate of a really good cuisine.

The “Tapas,” unquestionably the typical dish of Bilbao and the entire Basque Country region, can also be called “Pintxos.” They are small canapés that you can try at all bars around the city. Frequently served with a small glass of wine, the “pintxos” are a miniature representation of the various specialties among the Spanish regional gastronomy. There are hundreds of different “tapas.” Generally served on top of a fresh slice of bread, you can find for example, fish in salsa or anchovies, depending on the imagination of the cook. The Spanish people are used to going from bar to bar trying the “tapas” of each place; they can go for either “tapas” or wines. This activity is very common in Bilbao during the weekend.

Another typical Spanish dish is the “Gazpacho;” a cold drink made of tomatoes, red and/or green pepers, and cucumbers. It is very typical, above all, throughout the South of Spain, but you can, without a doubt, find it in Bilbao as well, since it is a very refreshing drink and one of the typical dishes of Spain.

Those who are passionate about the Spanish gastronomy will be able to try “Paella.” Probably, it is one of the most known Spanish dishes, and it is originated from Valencia. The origin of this dish, based on meat, rice, and vegetables, has extended very rapidly throughout Spain. There are different types of “paella” and today we can find seafood paella, chicken, and with other vegetables as well.

To conclude, a dish that you can easily find around Spain or frequently make it on your own is the “Tortilla Española.” It is round and made with potatoes, eggs, and onions. It is very easy to make, and it is a very basic Spanish dish. There are variations of this dish; in some you can add spinach for example. The Spanish gastronomy allows your imagination to run free!

Come to Bilbao and submerge yourself in the Spanish culture; a stay that will definitely make a difference!

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