Enjoy Bilbao`s beach after your Spanish classes

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A little treat for Bilbao!
At Instituto Hemingway we would like to share the good news that very soon, next week in fact, a beach is coming to Bilbao. And we are in luck because it is very close to our Spanish school.
Although Bilbao is only 20 minutes away from the Basque Coast by metro, it will be great to be able to enjoy a beach in the heart of the city, just around the corner from, our Spanish school. Above all, it is a good opportunity for all our students studying Spanish to have fun after their Spanish classes.
You might be asking yourself: Where is the beach in Bilbao? Well, very soon, the 27th June, along the riverside walk, you will be able to see a man-made beach. Basically the area of the Arenal will be transformed into an urban beach where you can appreciate the sun with hammocks, volleyball and Jacuzzis etc. There will be all these and much more!
So, now we have the beach in Bilbao all we are missing is the sun! But seeing as today is officially the first day of summer, maybe the sun will appear for our three days on the beach!
Enjoy the Bilbao beach next weekend on the 27th, 28th and 29th June!

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