Wine tasting session in Bilbao with Spanish courses: 9th May 2017

02 May 2017

Next Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 19:00 we invite you to participate in the wine tasting session which we have organised here at Instituto. Wine tasting is an activity for all students of our Spanish courses and people interested in learning about wine. Thus, if you are in Bilbao and would like to learn new things, do not hesitate to come and enjoy this activity with us.

On this occasion we will be sampling three wines from Aragón and we will focus on an interesting variety of grape: Grenache. Grenache is an exceptional grape that is earning praise daily and is the main grape in the vineyards of Aragón.

These are the three wines that we will be trying:

Alguez 2017, from the Allanza de Garapiteros winery with Calatayud origin . Made from 100% Grenache from 35 year old vineyards. It has an intense cherry red colour with ruby, clean and glowing tones, and also a good intense smell and quality, it is a mineral complex wine (the mineral notes originate from the slate floors of the ‘terroirs’ where it is cultivated) with attractive aromas of matured red fruits and hints of mokka and chocolate. It is a tasty, hearty and perfectly balanced wine, with good structure and stand out fruity tones. Its spices and minerals give it a great complexity and personality. Very persistent.

Aldeya 2013, from Pago Aylés winery, with origins in Cariñena. Made from 100% Grenache with ruby red colours and aromas of blackberries, raspberries, lavender and Mediterranean herbs. Half body, the mouth is marked by its freshness, a good structure and long and silky finish. It is a “classic renovation” among the Grenaches according to winemakers. It received a silver medal in 2015 for its excellence.

Azagaya 2013 is a red wine from Cariñera. It is 100% made from Grenache, is half body with polished tannins and ageing aromas of mature fruit that are combined with soft notes of vanilla.

The objective of our wine tasting is to learn and distinguish between different types of wine and above all it is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary and many things about wine. Thus on 9th May we will look forward to seeing you to enjoy these 3 excellent wines.

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