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Specialised Spanish language and culinary course in Barcelona and Bilbao

Do not miss this unique opportunity! Your new life starts here!
Our new course combines specific culinary training with high quality Spanish language classes.

Who is this course for?

If you are a student with knowledge in cooking that would like to acquire advanced culinary techniques then you are in the right place.

What does the course include?

Throughout the specialised cooking course we will teach you new culinary trends, avant-garde cuisine, texturization, vacuum cooking, low temperature cooking and molecular cooking; you will learn oenology, sommelier and much more. The contents of the course are highly practical and thought out for use in professional surroundings.

What is the objective of the course?

We will train you to perfect your competencies as a chef, improving your knowledge of the product, properties and behaviours in cooking. By the end of the course you will have mastered any type of culinary technique and will be able express your creative and innovative abilities in the kitchen.

When will you be able to sign up for the course?

There are two periods when the course will be available - one starting in July and one in February. The course lasts 5 months and the international students that need to improve their Spanish should do an intensive two month Spanish course (20 hours each week) prior to starting the cooking course. During this period you will reach an adequate level of Spanish which you will then improve upon while doing the culinary course. We will also help you get a student visa.

What will you achieve with the course?

- You will become an expert in advanced culinary techniques.
-You will learn about national and international gastronomic cultures as well as traditional and modern techniques.
- You will learn gastronomic properties and their applications with a huge variety of products.
- You will be able to adapt to a wide variety of business models in catering.
- You will get to know and work amongst a team of teaching professionals.
- You will be using the newest equipment and installations.
- You will develop your personal and professional abilities: creativity, leadership, passion etc.
- Real practice in an award winning, Michelin Star, gastronomic restaurant.
- You will improve at the Spanish language and also learn about Spain’s culture.
- You will get to know and live in two of the most prestigious gastronomic areas of Spain: Tarragona and Bilbao.

How much does it cost?

- 5 months (1000 hours) of teaching in the culinary arts
- 8 weeks of intensive Spanish courses (160 hours)
- Accommodation in a shared appartment
- Accredited diploma
- Help obtaining the student visa
- Assistance during the entire process

Price: 8,110 € Price: 7,000 € *
* For students that speak Spanish already and would prefer to start directly at the cooking school without doing a Spanish course.

For more information do not hesitate to get in contact with us:

Instituto Hemingway
Calle Bailén 5 - 2 dcha
48003 Bilbao
t. + 34 944167901
Your new life starts here!


Spanish course for over 50´s

This course is the perfect opportunity for those who have just moved to Spain and are looking to give their Spanish skills a boost. It is aimed at students over 50 and consists of 20 hours of interactive lessons at our school in central Bilbao, which will make use of the city to allow students to practice their skills in everyday situation with real people. Students will alps have the opportunity to explore the many wonderful sites Bilbao has to offer on their own or with our free cultural and social activities.

What´s included
20 hours of Spanish lessons
All class resources and materials
Information on the city
Free social and cultural activities including tapas and wine tastings, a visit to the Guggenheim museum, visits to Teatro Arriaga, and local excursions
Meals NOT included

230 Euros

Special offer for participants of the Way of Saint James

We would like to highlight our new special offer for those who are taking part in the Northern/French Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago del Norte). Taking a Spanish course with us presents a fantastic opportunity to improve your Spanish while travelling the North of Spain. Our courses don´t only offer you essential linguistic and communication skills, the courses also place a significant emphasis on historical and cultural themes which will come in handy during your trip!

The offer:

The Northern Way is becoming increasingly popular. Since the foundation of our school in 1999, we have seen a marked rise in the number of pilgrims passing through our city. In recent years, we have got to know participants in the Way of Saint James from all over the world. As a result, we wanted to recognise this increase of pilgrims frequenting our city with a special offer:

We offer a discount of 25% on all of our Spanish courses for participants on the Way of Saint James.

What does the course consist of?
Your course will be tailored to your level of Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker of the language, we have a course for you.

We provide a wide selection of courses which have different focuses and durations.
Our classes are always interactive and friendly; they are focused on speaking activities and group exercises so as to ensure that all the students participate. Moreover, with all our Spanish courses you will receive free learning materials, an information pack on the city and free culture and leisure activities.

You will also be awarded a certificate that accredits your Spanish level and confirms your participation in an educational course.

How can I sign up?
All we need is a document which demonstrates that you are participating in tour/pilgrimage along the Way of Saint James.

If you would like to make an enquiry, send us an email here:

25% discount

Family Spanish programs

Doing a Spanish course in Spain is a very enriching experience as you are immersing yourself culturally and linguistically. You can come with your family and take Spanish courses for adults and children depending on your level.And for that reason one of the best options is to live with a Spanish family with whom you would be able to discover the true traditions and culture from within. These are the characteristics of the programme:

• Availability throughout the year
• For children from 6 years old, young people and adults
• Accommodation with a host family full-board
• 3 meals a day provided
• 20 hours of language classes
• Activities: complete programme that includes: hiking, aquatic sports, gastronomical tours, museums, visits to neighbouring cities…

Do not hesitate to contact us for information!

Price: 340 Euros per person per week

340 €

Spanish and culinary arts course

The best way to learn Spanish is by going to Spain itself and immersing yourself in the language and culture. With that in mind, our combo course includes classroom lessons and hands-on culinary arts classes. The week includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons in the morning and afternoons at a local culinary school to learn about the preparation, cooking, and presentation of traditional Spanish and Basque recipes. We also offer free cultural and social activities to help you get to know this cultural, historical, and beautiful city.

What´s included
20 hours of Spanish lessons
Spanish lessons take place Monday through Friday
All class resources and materials
10 hours of culinary art lessons
All ingredients, equipment, and recipes
The food you make!
Information on the city
Free social and cultural activities including tapas and wine tastings, a visit to the Guggenheim museum, visits to Teatro Arriaga, and local excursions
Accommodation single room shared apartment

Spanish and wine tasting course

Spanish and wine tasting course
Immerse yourself in the Basque city of Bilbao, learning Spanish and tasting fine wines. Our school in located in the center of town, making it easy to explore the variety of cafes, museums, and historic streets. You will have 20 hours of Spanish lessons at the school throughout the week, and the afternoon to yourself to get out and see the city on your own or with one of our free cultural and social activities. Each evening a wine expert will talk you through the best wines from the La Rioja region, so by the end of the week you will be a connoisseur!

What´s included
20 hours of Spanish lessons
Lessons take place Monday through Friday
10 hours of wine-tasting
Free visit to a winery in La Rioja
Information on the city
Free social and cultural activities including tapas and wine tastings, a visit to the Guggenheim museum, visits to Teatro Arriaga, and local excursions
Meals NOT included
Accommodation shared apartment individual room

555 €

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