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20 Sep 2022

Spanish courses in Bilbao, a city to learn a global language

In recent years, Spanish has positioned itself as the second most important language at an international level. This comes at no surprise as there are 580 million speakers, of which 483 million are native speakers. In addition to this, a 2019 survey by Instituto Cervantes

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02 Sep 2022

In-person Spanish teacher course October 2022: Matriculation open

We have now opened the matriculation period for the in-person ELE Spanish teachers course. The course will start on the 17th of October 2022 until the end of the year and it will take place in our headquarters in Bilbao. The matriculation period will stay open

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01 Sep 2022

September activities are here!

The activities programme for our Spanish students is here! Wine tasting on Thursday the 1st and Wednesday the 14th of September at 19:00, this is one of our activities where students get together with our wine teacher, Alfredo. A good selection of Spanish wines and

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21 Jun 2022

Our experience in he bullfight with Instituto Hemingway!

On Sunday the 19th of June, with Instituto Hemingway, we had the unique experience of attending a bullfight here in the city of Bilbao.The majority of the students of Hemingway´s Spanish classes were intrigued, but at the same time apprehensive at the point of discovering

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14 Jun 2022

The students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao will go to the bullring!

Martín Agüero Street No. 1 has a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the city. There is the Plaza de Toros de Bilbao. Something unique that only a few other countries that follow this centuries-old art have in their cities. Now, on

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