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29 Dec 2020

Three Kings Cake

Three King´s Cake is eaten on the 6th of January to celebrate the Epiphany. It is a circular sweet bread decorated with candied fruit in order to resemble a crown. The cake is usually vanilla flavored with plain or chocolate cream as a filling. Many

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23 Dec 2020

The spectacle of Christmas Lotery in Spain

What counts as a small pastime in England is an integral part of the culture in Spain during Christmas: the drawing of the lottery and the main prize "El Gordo" on December 22nd joy at Christmas time. But this is not just about money. The

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21 Dec 2020

Christmas exhibition with cribs from all over the world

You think you've seen everything Christmas has to offer? Then this exhibition might be perfect for you! "Belenes del Mundo" (cribs of the world) is one of the largest crib exhibitions in Europe. Cribs from all over the world with their various cultural peculiarities are

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15 Dec 2020

Special Christmas Offer: Spanish Courses Online

At Instituto Hemingway we want to say goodbye to 2020 in the best way. This year has been different and therefore we have had enough time to consider the trips we want to make in 2021, or surprise our friends who speak Spanish with the

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05 Dec 2020

Christmas at Instituto Hemingway, open as usual

At Instituto Hemingway Spanish School we encourage students to visit Spain to experience the festive season and improve their Spanish language skills. We would like to share with you the good news that we are finally seeing the light at the end of

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