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10 Nov 2021

Spreading the Christmas cheer at Instituto Hemingway

Instituto Hemingway will be spreading the Christmas cheer this year: we will be open throughout December! We know how much our students want to make the most of their time in Spain, which is why we believe in the importance of allowing our students every

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03 Nov 2021

Exploring the history of feminism in Spain through Flamenco

For the final free cultural activity of the month, the students were treated to a flamenco show unlike any they’d seen before. Mixing traditional flamenco music, clothing and dance with those of different eras, including 20s flappers, 60s futurism and even 80s rock, this show

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02 Nov 2021

A special visit to the cinema discovering the richness of Spanish history

This Thursday, the 4th November, B1 and B2 students at the Instituto Hemingway will be visiting the cinema to watch the exciting new documentary España: La Primera Globalización. This documentary aims to shed light on the myths that have been perpetuated about the Spanish Empire

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02 Nov 2021

Cultural activities taking place in November 2021

2021 is beginning to draw to a close, with the days getting darker and cooler as we head into the upcoming winter months. At the Instituto Hemingway, this November is going to be all about great food and great culture, with an exciting mixture of

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31 Oct 2021

Activities with the Spanish courses: wine tasting on November 8, 2021

Next Monday, November 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. we invite you to participate in a wine tasting that we have organized here at the Hemingway Institute. Wine tasting is an activity for all students of Spanish courses and people interested in learning about wine. If

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