Motivations to do the Spanish teaching course

31 March, 2017

Mainly I decided to do this this course because I would like to teach and help other people. One of my expectations is, apart from teaching, to learn other languages. Also, to have another alternative when searching for a job. Personally teaching is always something that I have liked and this course was one of those things that I pushed myself to do because I am interested in learning how to organise a class for example, how to evaluate students etc. With this course I have learnt all of this and more.

Even though teaching isn’t easy and requires sacrifice, I think that it is very rewarding. On one occasion I helped my neighbour study and prepare to graduate from her adult college. She had to leave school early at the age of 10 because she had to start working at home, and when she did her exams she called me to tell me that she had passed. I remember the feeling of satisfaction; it felt as if I had passed myself. This experience made me sign up for this course because I have the urge to teach more people now.
With this course you can acquire the theoretical knowledge and necessary practical tools to start to develop as a teacher.
Also you know what your role as a teacher has to be in class, how dynamic the classes have to be and what focus to give it, how to motivate your students and make them learn without boring them too much. Thus you need to make classes interactive and dynamic.

You have to work thinking exclusively of your students, organising classes with dedication and with the only focus on ensuring that at the end of each class the students leave satisfied and content with the knowledge that they have obtained.

In short, this course has been a challenge for me to improve as a teacher and given me a greater vocation to be a teacher.

I would 100% recommend this course.

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