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Top 5 Reasons to Study Spanish in Bilbao

Sean Hopwood📅05 Jan 2018

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and English. It is estimated to have about 480 million first language speakers (L1) and about 90...

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TIps and tricks when you are learning Spanish

Olga Pardo Payá📅05 Oct 2017

Advice for all the levels! Learning a new language is hard, I won’t deny it, sometimes even boring (I’m thinking about those never ending grammar lessons...), but it isn’t all...

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How many ways can you say bean in Spanish?

Pablo Montes📅21 Sep 2017

Before I go any further I´d like to thank the Instituto Hemingway for providing the class and specially mention my teacher Alfredo for his suggestions, clarifications, comments, and patience....

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How to be a good Spanish teacher

Mercedes Guio Tello📅02 Jun 2017

For 14 years I have been a Spanish teacher. I teach classes in a British school in Alicante, where there are students from primary, secondary and baccalaureate ages that study...

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Spanish teacher in Germany: A very useful blog

📅17 May 2017

Life is a school and who knows better than the teachers themselves. From Instituto Hemingway we would like to share with all of you the professional challenges of one of...

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