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Two Interns Talk About Instituto Hemingway and Their Exchange in Bilbao

📅22 Feb 2018

Here are the comments from our interns who sadly went back home this Friday, but who have enjoyed and learnt lots from this experience…! “Before coming to Bilbao to do this...

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A student wrote on her blog about our Spanish school.

Sabine Hillen and Instituto Hemingway 📅12 Feb 2018

One of our students who recently has gone away has dedicated to us this entry in her "blog" ...

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Student from Holland learned spanish in five months in Spain!

📅06 Dec 2017

My name is Daphne Schalk, I am a student from the Netherlands and have done a Spanish course and an marketing internship at Instituto Hemingway....

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Why did I elect to take “Curso de Profesores de Español ELE through del Instituto Hemingway

Denisse Richardson📅04 Nov 2015

My maiden language is Spanish. I also can speak fluent English, German and Italian. I lived in USA 20 years and then moved to Germany. Over the...

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My opinion on the Spanish as a Foreign Language Course for teachers

María del Pino Gálvez Jorge📅05 Jan 2015

When I began to look for information about courses for Spanish teachers for foreigners I surprisingly found that there was not a single face-to-face course offered in my city.This really...

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