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Online resources for a Spanish course for Foreigners

Clara Isabel Hernando📅08 Dec 2014

My contribution to the blog covers online resources. Sometimes we look for ideas to liven up the theory and, sometimes, it is difficult to discard so much information. ...

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An activity based on songs to learn Spanish

Sandra Galeote Romano📅16 Jul 2013

CAMILAGenre: Romantic PopSummary: This Mexican three man band has a particular spot in the market; an enriching sound, moving lyrics, an intense melody, with which it is able to reach...

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New editorials for teaching Spanish

📅13 Jun 2013

The editorials specialized in the creation of materials for teaching and learning Spanish, are constantly adapting to the demands and needs of both those who teach and those who learn...

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Students learning Spanish: Interviews

📅26 Feb 2013

In one of the courses of Spanish in Instituto Hemingway, at the level of A2, the teacher, Noelia, has prepared everything for their next activity: Create an Interview.So the students...

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Poetry in the spanish classroom

📅12 Feb 2013

There is a place where Spanish teachers frequently go to, to consult in times of need, to get up-to-date with the latest studies in the world of ELE teaching, in...

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