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4 Ways Adaptive Quizzing Can Drive Learning

Andin Bicknell📅15 Jan 2020

Adaptive quizzing is a fairly recent evolution in the realm of academic testing methods. Using algorithms, these tests can be tailored to the actual level of subject mastery of an...

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Instituto Hemingway launches its photo-a-day advent calendar

Laura Whitaker📅29 Nov 2011

Here at Instituto Hemingway, we’re already very excited about Christmas. ...

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Invaders from outer space!

Laura Whitaker📅24 Nov 2011

Bilbao has been infiltrated by alien scouts! High on the walls, the street corners and even the bridges of the city, we’ve sighted “marcianitos”, or Space Invaders....

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Life in Spain: haircut

Laura Whitaker📅22 Nov 2011

Living in another country is very, very different to simply going abroad on holiday. On the surface, it might seem similar – for me, at least, life in Spain occasionally...

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Language: the final frontier?

Laura Whitaker📅15 Nov 2011

In today’s globalized world, nationality, as the traditional definition of identity, is becoming increasingly irrrelevant. What, therefore, still separates us?...

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