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Reasons for doing a drafting course and improve my level of written expresion

Laura León📅26 Sep 2013

Como finalización del “Curso de Comunicación Escrita” me gustaría hablaros de cuál ha sido mi motivación para realizar este curso y compartir con vosotros mi experiencia personal....

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Are you encouraged to write? A written communication Course

Julieta Freyre📅10 Oct 2012

Both in professional as well as daily life, writing is without a doubt similar to oral communication, which is the fundamental basis of understanding between people. For successful relations to...

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Reasons for taking the course of written communication

Rosa Gutiérrez Canto📅24 Apr 2012

Writing! Is it really so simple? Well honestly… no it´s not! When I finished my course of ELE, I decided to take the course of written communication to complete what...

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Advice on how to write electronic mails: Drafting course

Julieta Freire📅12 May 2011

Today I want to talk to you about texts via email. In the workplace, new technologies have changed the conventional methods when making written messages. I refer to email as...

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Enrol in our course in writing and Course in essay writing, expression and written communication

Julieta Freire📅04 May 2011

Why study an online composition course in Instituto Hemingway?As the teacher of this project, I will begin by recounting the ways in which the verb “TO WRITE” has been satisfying...

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