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Hospitality Course: Experience as a Greek Spanish Teacher

Ioanna Tegou📅17 Apr 2013

This basic hospitality course was perfect to turn my personal aspirations into reality and then later professional. It´s very well structured, very comfortable because it´s all online and you can...

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My experience in the Hospitality Management Programme

Mary 📅23 Oct 2012

Before my trip to Spain to undertake my internship in Bilbao I was bit nervous because I had never worked in a restaurant before. I had been to Europe before...

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My Hospitality Management experience in Bilbao

Starry Suen📅18 May 2011

My name is Starry Suen and I was joining the hospitality management program from Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao, Spain. Before coming to Spain, I couldn`t speak Spanish at all. So...

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