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My Experience-Becoming a Spanish Teacher

Raquel Arcos Trujillo📅11 Sep 2017

My name is Raquel. I graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and am currently working at an ELE academy in Barcelona. My goal in taking a class at...

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Carlos Jesús Cumplido García📅23 Aug 2017

My name is Carlos. I'm 27 years old and currently teach Spanish as a foreign language. This is the short story of how I wound up here....

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Julio Martínez Jarillo📅23 Aug 2017

Before teaching ELE, I'd already had a few years of teaching under my belt, and I knew my way around the professional world of teaching, but not in the field...

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Motivations to do the Spanish teaching course

Virginia Román Funes📅31 Mar 2017

Mainly I decided to do this this course because I would like to teach and help other people. One of my expectations is, apart from teaching, to learn other languages....

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3 reasons to do this course for Spanish teachers

Juan Padrino📅23 Feb 2017

One of the main reasons to carry out this course is to have other job options. To have another alternative. Another reason that I could add is that, in 2010,...

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