Bullfighting, Spanish course and festivals in Bilbao

11 August, 2010

The 21.August is the beginning of the festivals in Bilbao. The Semana Grande lasts 9 days and includes an immense number of activities.

So we will watch at 21.August a bullfight. In this case it is a special bullfight which is kind of bullfight on horseback. We will see Pablo Hermoso of Mendoyz and Leonardo Hernández how they will fight against 6 bulls of Horos de Angel Sánchez and Sánchez with a lance.

Thursday, 26.August we will visit an interesting bullfight by foot. In this case we will see some of the most important bullfighters of Spain: Enrique Ponce, “El Juli” and José María Manzanares.

The bullfights begin at 6pm but we will meet at 5pm in the Instituto Hemingway.

We invite all of the students of our Spanish classes at the Instituto Hemingway, as well as the Au- Pairs and the internships of the company to accompany us during these days.
We will see us at the place!

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