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26 March, 2011

Did you know?
In every country and every village, there are traditions, stories and legends (sometimes based on reality, and sometimes on pure hearsay) that shape their character, distinguish them and mark them out from others.

Everyone here knows about the “boastful loudmouths,” as Bilbao´s citizens are often considered, or the image of the Guggenheim Museum… However, beyond the clichés, the famous images and stereotypes, there are many smaller, more secret details that make Bilbao stand out from the rest as a city. Have you heard of them?

Bilbao´s special pavement tiles
They have lined the streets of our city approximately since the 1940s. They are non-slip and have a very peculiar design, which has led to them being called “the tiles of Bilbao”.

The water in Bilbao
It has been this way since the start of the century, they called the champagne.

“Mapamundi de Bilbao” (World map of Bilbao)
Recently, this has become a very well-known image that pokes ironic fun out of the fact that people from Bilbao are renowned for being boastful.
This is perhaps also true: a map of the world of Bilbao?!
We have attached an image for you to see…

Do you know any other peculiarities about Bilbao? What small things have you found curious or surprising? Does anything similar exist in your country?

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