Invaders from outer space!

24 November, 2011

Bilbao has been infiltrated by alien scouts! High on the walls, the street corners and even the bridges of the city, we’ve sighted “marcianitos”, or Space Invaders.

These terrifying trespassers may look like ceramic reproductions of characters from the popular 1980s “Space Invaders” arcade game, but don’t be deceived – they are highly dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances!

Invader is a French street artist who has spent the last decade putting up mosaic reproductions of Space Invaders in cities around the globe, in an artistic spree that he calls “The Invasion”. Each Invader is documented in books and maps published by the artist. His native Paris is the most invaded city to date, but Bilbao will soon fall to the aliens under the relentless attacks of the 40 Invaders around the city.

And that’s not all! Our brave scouts around the city have spotted some strange, dragon-like creatures creeping onto the walls of Bilbao. Little is known about these alarming beings, except that they have sharp teeth, brightly coloured bodies and that they are growing in power. It has been reported that they have managed to push beyond their bases in the Casco Viejo to reach the Guggenheim bridge. Surely they must be preparing to launch an attack on the Guggenheim itself!

We must stop the invaders before it is too late to save Bilbao! We can only do this with good reconnaissance: send us your photos of invaders and other street art from around the city, and check out our Flickr album of creatures that we’ve already exposed.

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