Spanish teacher: a challenge and an opportunity

22 April, 2017

I am Fernando Lucero Murua and languages have always been my passion and my hobby. I study English and German.

To study these languages I have not enrolled in a course, but I have taken the responsibly to teach myself, using various tools such as books and websites.

After having done a language exchange, it was there that I realised the need for foreigners to study Spanish.

From this moment onwards I was interested in being a Spanish language teacher, as I think it is the best way to specialise in my mother tongue, while also being a good job option.

I think that our work as Spanish teachers is very important if we consider that our language is second along with English (behind Mandarin) as the most commonly spoken language in the world.

This puts us in a position of responsibility and for this reason a course like this is considered very relevant. It is not enough to just speak your native language, we need to have the necessary teaching tools that will allow us to carry out our jobs professionally.

A special thank you to Alfredo for his patience, motivation and aptitude.


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Fernando Lucero Murua Spanish courses in Bilbao
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