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17 May, 2017

Life is a school and who knows better than the teachers themselves. From Instituto Hemingway we would like to share with all of you the professional challenges of one of our graduates.

Dr. Carlos J. Rodríguez, known on social network sites as Carlos Albalá, is an old student of ours. Upon finishing the course for teaching Spanish as a foreign language, I found this teaching job in Germany.

Besides teaching in the Universidad Laboral, he has created a very interesting blog where he shares his experiences as a Spanish teacher. One of his main motives when deciding to create Collaborate Learning has been to share his teaching ideas.

According to Carlos Collaborate Learning is a blog born with the idea of being a place where one can share their own experiences, investigations and other things.

Carlos has created a place where the ideas are shared amongst all those that would like to come together to discuss the topics. Collaborate Learning is a place that allows you to share one’s practical knowledge and to serve as a platform to continue investigating along with all the followers.
The blog Collaborate Learning is useful for various reasons: each week they upload new posts with the following content:

1) Articles and approaches that help to you get to know better collaborative learning from a fun and practical point of view.
2) Dynamic, easy to use resources
3) Collaborative experiences that will show examples of how to generate participation from action.
4) Interviews and stories from mind-boggling people and projects that will serve as inspiration.
5) Portable educative programmes and services that are available through collaborative programmes like Transigrafías or ¿Que miramos cuando vemos?

So subscribe now, you can download a highly recommended document containing 8 key points of collaborative learning.

As you can see the blog of Carlos is very complete, and we are sure that you will find it interesting. We recommend you visit it and Carlos we wish you a lot of luck with your creative ideas.

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