How to be a good Spanish teacher

02 June, 2017

For 14 years I have been a Spanish teacher. I teach classes in a British school in Alicante, where there are students from primary, secondary and baccalaureate ages that study Spanish as a second language.

I go back to the year 2010, when I was teaching at the same school that I am still working at today, and I gave myself the opportunity to study a course for Spanish teachers in order to learn how to give Spanish classes to foreigners. I looked into where to do the course and from the page of Instituto Cervantes I was directed to this website.

I dedicated a few days to reading and rereading articles and information about this course and it seemed to me to be very complete in terms of both material and functionality, partly thanks to the clear explanations on the website. Thus, days later I signed up for the ELE course and started to carry it out module by module. I loved the way in which the themes were explained, as well as how easy it was to carry out the tasks.

So happy, I continued with the course. I should point out that both at the beginning and in the most recent month, I have learnt a lot both about the theory and the practice, all of which is interesting and useful for my day-to-day teaching life.

Finally, I should indicate that whenever I have had the opportunity to speak with others about this institute, I do it with high regard. From my experiences, this institute is a great place to learn how to become a Spanish teacher. I would highly recommend it.

It was nice knowing you all!

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