Student from Holland learned spanish in five months in Spain!

06 December, 2017

My name is Daphne Schalk, I am a student from the Netherlands and have done a Spanish course and an marketing internship at Instituto Hemingway. I have been in Bilbao for 17 weeks and I have really enjoyed the city , culture, people and of course Hemingway!

When I came in Bilbao I started a Spanish course at A1 level . After a few weeks I moved up to the A2 class and after half of my stay I moved up for the last time, to the B1 class . I really liked the other students at the school, they were all international and came from different countries from all over the world.

I lived in the centre of Bilbao in an apartment with other students from the school. The apartment was really big and we all had our own room , with 2 shared bathrooms , a shared kitchen and a shared living room . The school was only 10 minutes away from the apartment, so I could easily walk there every day.

The Spanish course that I have done was during the morning from 9:30 till 13.30 with other students. The class size was between 3 and 7 students. We practiced everything to improve our Spanish ; listening, writing, grammar and speaking. Especially the speaking part was really difficult in the beginning.

After the Spanish course in the morning I had my internship at the school. I worked in the marketing department of Hemingway. I had to post content on the social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and the website of the school. This was about the cultural activities, the school, the city and the different Spanish courses that the school offers.

I have learned a lot here! I also had to do market research for my study (International Business and Languages) for my university in the Netherlands. I could easily combine this and had a lot of time for this project , but also to do activities to help my co-workers.

I have had an amazing time here! Do you also want to have your internship at Hemingway? Don´t hesitate and send an e-mail to for more information. Hemingway also offers internships in other industries , so it will always fit your wishes and needs.

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