Advice For New Spanish Teachers

15 April, 2018

My name is Yoana and I've been teaching Spanish for 10 years in Germany. When I started, I knew some Spanish but nothing specific for teaching Spanish as a foreign language, only a couple of things from some ELE courses I took whilst studying Translation. I was learning it all almost like a hobby, independently and through practise.

If I compare myself as a teacher now to when I first started out, I can notice a huge difference. Of course, being a native Spaniard does not qualify you to teach Spanish classes, or to understand the different needs of the students or the methods to use. Over these years, I have had to learn Spanish, the ELE theory and how to be a Spanish teacher.

It is very important to have some basic knowledge of the theory, know what is a linguistic skill, and know the methods to use according to the student that you have in front of you. This course has been one of the most thorough courses that I have done up until now. It has given me the theory from what I learnt through my work experience. Also, I found the references to all the web pages very helpful, like for making models and links to all the ELE theory.

My advice to new teachers starting their journey towards becoming a Spanish teacher is for them to do their research, take courses, investigate and read more into ELE theory.

Best wishes to the ELE community!


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