Our Students Visit Ribera Market With Our Spanish Courses

26 April, 2018

The famous market built in 1929 by the architect Pedro Ispizua and recognised by Guinness in 1990 as the most complete Local Market was where we decided to take our Spanish course students for them to learn new vocabulary and enjoy the beautiful stain glass windows.

The market, as well as being full of light, consists of clean and well-organised spaces. On the first floor there are pintxos bars with modern and attractive décor to be enjoyed by young people, and of course the huge windows that look onto Bilbao's river with their stunning views make it a perfect spot to spend a nice time with friends, especially on a sunny day.

Our group of students this time came from Russia and it was very interesting for them to see a new variety of fruit and vegetables, as well as the huge diversity of fish, other seafood and meat. They also had the chance to taste typical sweets and pastries from Bilbao such as Sokonusko Turrón (a type of chocolate nougat made up of layers), Pastel de Arroz (a rice-pudding cake) and truffles.

During this time the Spanish teachers created a very fun game in which the students had a map of the market and different pictures, and their task was to guess the name of the different pictures by talking to the stall holders and asking the people visiting the market. The group that collected the most names in 10 minutes won, and so we also made them do a bit of exercise! It was a very interactive activity that the children really enjoyed.

This was an unforgettable experience for our Spanish students; one full of new colours and flavours that they can now associate with words that will stick in their memory. Learning a new language through a sensory experience is quicker and easier and also a lot of fun!

So why wait any longer? Come and join our Spanish courses and enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

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