Spanish Teacher: A Bridge Connecting Us to Other Cultures

13 May, 2018

In my opinion, both teaching and learning languages build bridges with other cultures; allowing our knowledge to travel, and in doing so, creating flexibility for an open mind where stereotypes about other societies are undone.

I discovered my passion for teaching two years ago, when I started to study Arabic; a language which is not as difficult as people say it is, and which encompasses various cultures which are not as extreme as people also think. The first point of contact I had with this language in the classroom was my teacher, who was a passionate not just about teaching but about introducing his culture via the richness of his language.

I decided to do this course because of my experience as an English teacher, and so to be able to continue learning and recycling my knowledge. Both online tutorials and material given to me to carry out different tasks were of great help when identifying both my strong and weak points for teaching languages, which is why this course has been rather rewarding. I would definitely recommend this course and thank you, Alfredo, for your good advice.

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