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Learn Spanish in a team: teacher and student

Jon Ander📅07 Sep 2019

Help other people improve. Boost them. Watch them grow up. Discover new worlds. Inspire them. Open their minds. Give them new ways of seeing things. Show them all the knowledge that...

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Student-Centered Instruction in Spanish Courses

Yasmin Valerio 📅06 Sep 2019

My name is Yasmin Valerio and this is my story; I was born in the Dominican republic and by the age of 14 moved to the United States where my...

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The assimilation to a foreign language: personal experience

Saray Camarero Amestoy📅14 Apr 2019

I would like to dedicate this last reflection to the human capacity to acquire languages. Having lived in the Basque Country, my education has been bilingual, and I always thought that...

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Recommendations about ELE Spanish Teacher Course

Norma Fernanda Castillo Almeida📅10 Jun 2018

Taking a preparation course for ELE teachers was a total challenge for me, as I had never had experience nor any previous knowledge of what teaching Spanish as a foreign...

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We Need Spanish Teachers in the Sahara

Alfredo Orive📅03 Jun 2018

The Khamlia Association needs Spanish teachers for the Beréber Community in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. ...

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