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How to be a Spanish Teacher in England: Teaching Course

Miriam Praena Izquierdo📅03 Jun 2018

In this post I am going to tell you why I decided to do this course, how bit by bit I am managing to reach my goals and why the...

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Let's Learn a New Language and Take Flight!

Naiara Herrera Ruiz de Eguino📅29 May 2018

When we face a new language, there is as much fear as excitement. The fear of not being able to understand new ways of communicating, the fear of not having...

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Spanish Teacher: Reflections on Being a Good Teacher

Carlos Portus Saracho📅18 May 2018

During this time at the Instituto, I have had the opportunity to get to know people from China, Japan, Korea, Canada, Palestine, Germany… all different ages and from very different...

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Spanish Teacher: A Bridge Connecting Us to Other Cultures

Eduardo Barbeira📅13 May 2018

In my opinion, both teaching and learning languages build bridges with other cultures; allowing our knowledge to travel, and in doing so, creating flexibility for an open mind where stereotypes...

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eTwinning: A Social Network for Spanish Teachers

Rosa María Alonso Alonso📅06 May 2018

Hi, my name is Rosa and I've been a teacher in Scotland for quite some years now. I came to live here thanks to a grant I got as a...

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