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Marina📅03 May 2011

I am a teacher of Spanish for foreigners and since 2007 I have been working on and off with Instituto Hemingway. My relationship with the Instituto began thanks to a...

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5 pieces of advice for learning Spanish outside the classroom

Laura Ledesma Bruch📅25 Apr 2011

The objective of any student of Spanish is to try and learn Spanish in all situations and places. The Spanish-language classroom is our primary resource because there are many possibilities...

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Instituto Hemingway reviews in Spain

John Mayers📅24 Apr 2011

Living with a Spanish family in their apartment is a great way to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. As I arrived the weather turned cold with the locals putting...

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Leisure activities during Spanish courses in Bilbao: it’s regatta time!

Mario B.📅17 Apr 2011

Students from our Spanish school have the opportunity to take part in various leisure activities after class, as well as at the weekend. Today, Sunday the 17th April, the river...

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Bilbao: Space Invaders: A challenger for Spanish students

Maider A.📅10 Apr 2011

“Space Invaders” is the name given to an artistic project, for which a provocative and anonymous French artist has spent 8 years invading hidden corners of cities around the...

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