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Learning second languages is an ongoing task

Daniela Fernández Kemilainen📅28 Mar 2011

I wanted to express my opinion on the learning of languages. Bearing in mind that I have grown up in a multicultural environment and that I am an English...

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Contributions to the world of Spanish teaching

Sandra Molina📅28 Mar 2011

Hola! My name is Sandra Molina and I have a degree in English Philology and Linguistics. I have always loved languages and decided to embark upon the adventure that is...

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Did you know...? About Bilbao in our Spanish courses

Maider A.📅26 Mar 2011

Did you know? In every country and every village, there are traditions, stories and legends (sometimes based on reality, and sometimes on pure hearsay) that shape their character, distinguish them...

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Letter to a friend: exercise for the Spanish classroom

Noelia📅24 Mar 2011

Imagine that after this great experience as a student of Spanish, a friend of yours is interested in learning Spanish in Bilbao. He or she asks you for some information...

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Corners of Bilbao: writing activities in our Spanish course

Maider A.📅18 Mar 2011

Undoubtedly, there are many places within each city that leave us with fond memories. It is not always the most beautiful, or most famous places…sometimes we have happy memories of...

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