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We need specific teaching to be Spanish teachers

Marta Z. O.📅19 Feb 2017

I decided to do this course because I was interested in completing my training as a teacher of a foreign language. In the last few years it has been the...

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Reasons to do the ELE course for our Spanish teachers

Mireia Martín Caralt📅20 Jan 2017

I embarked on this ELE course without knowing very well at the beginning what it was. I am a social worker and the truth is that at the time of...

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A comparison between the education systems in Spain and Finland

Mireia Martín Caralt📅16 Jan 2017

The other day I saw a documentary about education in Finland. It made me reflect a lot upon the traditional method of education that we have been accustomed to for...

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The task of teaching Spanish as a foreign language

Borja Martín Hernández📅14 Jan 2017

My career as a teacher started no more than a few months ago. I instinctively thought that it was something that I was going to enjoy and so I did...

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Spanish teacher: from USA to Switzerland

Evelia Longo Beascoechea📅06 Jan 2017

I was born in Alonstequi, a province of Biscay. I was bought up in a nun’s college and I then had to immigrate to Switzerland when I was 18. At...

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